Time to call

February 28, 2008

It’s been a while (nearly a week, in fact) since we updated you with news of our search for the man who, in 1931, ran over Winston Churchill. But rest assured that our search to find the living relatives of Mario Contasino continues. Much of this past week I’ve spent responding to interview requests from various media outlets, which will hopefully increase the profile of our search even further and maybe even bring it into the orbit of any of Mario’s relatives.

I’ve also been trying to secure the rights to reprint Churchill’s own account of the accident, which he wrote for the Daily Mail shortly afterwards. Although it doesn’t help locate Mario’s descendants, it does provide a fascinating account, along with another variant spelling of Mario’s surname: Constasino.

And even though they have already succeeded in tracking down Mario himself, our friends over at The Genealogue have also continued their efforts to track down any of his relatives. Our friend Doogles McQuig has posted an excerpt from some local Yonkers papers for example. Here’s one extract (there’s more in the comments section here):

His father, Nikola, at work in his rags factory adjoining the home, told how deeply concerned Mario was over the accident, and a note of pride crept into his voice as he said the statesman might have been more seriously injured if any other driver had been at the wheel. The Contasinos have been residents of Yonkers for the past seven years, having come here from New York.

 In addition, Andy E. Wold sent in an email full of useful information, listing Mario’s known relatives:

As far as we know right now, Mario never married. We also don’t know the married names of his two sisters, Helen and Angela.

Mario’s father, Nicola Vincenzo, has four brothers and one sister that we’ve been able to determine. They are Vito Gaetano, Angelo, Isabel, Dominick, and Charles. Among their found descendants, several may still be living:

Angelo Cantasano (Angelo >> Gaetano Thomas) may still be alive, he was born in about 1927 (age 81).

Camille Spero Daniels (Angelo >> Madeline) should still be alive, she was born on 26 May 1926 (age 82), and married Edward C. Daniels (or his son). She is (or was) living with her sister Catherine Spero in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

Catherine Spero (Angelo >> Madeline) should still be alive, she was born on 15 Apr 1929 (age 77). She is (or was) living with her sister Camille Spero Daniels in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

Patrina Cantasano, mother of his cousin Charles “Chucky” Cantasano III (Charles >> Charles) is still alive, she was born on 19 Jul 1929 age 78). Also surviving him in Nov 2006 were Chucky’s wife, MaryAlice, and five sons: Chucky, Tommy, Chris, Joey and Mikey.

Patrina Cantasano, is living in Honesdale, PA.

Maryalice Cantasano, is living in Punta Gorda, FL.

Chuck (“Chucky” Charles IV) and wife Mo, are living in Port Charlotte, FL.

Charles III and Patrina’s children are still living:

Patrina Cantasano Stanley (age 58), is living in Middle Village, NY.

Rose Anne Cantasano McKendry (age 54), should still be living. Her daughter, Lauren McKendry, is living in Honesdale, PA.

Andy also points out that the Sarasota Herald-Tribune carried an obituary for Mario’s cousin, Charles “Chuck” Cantasano III on 18 Nov 2006, so hopefully they might take an interest in our search. In any case, thanks, Doogles and Andy!

Our next steps now seem pretty obvious: time to start calling up Mario’s relatives. Stay tuned to find out how we get on. And as ever, feel free to send any help or information to search@codemastersquest.com.


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