A measure of our (your) success

February 22, 2008

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you may remember that at the outset of our search to find the man who ran over Winston Churchill in 1931, typing ‘Mario Contasino’ into Google returned only four results. Typing ‘Contasino’ returned ten.

Type ‘Mario Contasino’ into Google now and you’ll find 2,620 results. Typing just ‘Contasino’ returns 3,910. That is a measure of our, and more especially, your success in tracking down a man whose mark on history deserves to be recognised.

I’m delighted to say that one of those links for ‘Mario Contasino’ is to this article, by Phil Reisman, a columnist from the Yonkers area where Mario was living at the time of the incident.

Of course, although we’ve found out what happened to Mario, the search for his family continues, so if you do have any information that might help, please continue to send it in to search@codemasters.com. As ever, we’ll keep you updated with our progress.


One Response to “A measure of our (your) success”

  1. […] 28, 2008 It’s been a while (nearly a week, in fact) since we updated you with news of our search for the man who, in 1931, ran over Winston Churchill. But rest assured […]

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