Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

February 17, 2008

Or a major breakthrough, at least, in our quest to find Mario Contasino, the man who could have changed the course of twentieth century history when his car struck Winston Churchill in 1931.

 You may remember that our campaign to recognise Mario’s contribution to history was picked up by The Genealogue blog, which threw the challenge down to its readers to help locate Mario or his descendants. You may remember, too, that those users quickly managed to uncover a number of promising leads and avenues of inquiry that might help.

Now, it appears that those readers have gone one step further: it looks like they’ve found him. You can read how they did so here. You may remember that a user named Doogles McQuig sent an email the Westchester Library, to see if they might hold any records that would help locate Mario Contasino. It turns out they do. Looking up Mario’s address at the time (which we know was 300 Yonkers Avenue thanks to a contemporary report in the New York Times) the librarians were able to find a listing for a Nicholas V. Castasano, and an Edward F. Castasano.

From this, Doodles McQuig was able to find an entry in the 1910 census, for an Edward M. Cantasano who, like the Mario that we’re looking for, had two sisters and was born to an immigrant Italian father. Some more digging suggests that This Edward M. Cantasano, or Edward F. Castasano, who enlisted on March 12, 1942,  is the man that we’re looking for.

Born on November 25, 1905, it appears that Mario Contasino sadly passed away on January 17, 1989.

Now to find his next of kin. Thanks Doogles! As ever, any information that might help can be emailed to


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