Expert Advice

February 7, 2008

One of our experts has got back to us. You might remember that I emailed Sir Martin Gilbert to find out if he might know any more about Mario Contasino, the driver of a car that hit Winston Churchill in 1931. Sir Martin Gilbert is the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill, and has spent over thirty years researching his life, so if anybody might know about the whereabouts of Mario or his descendents, it’s him.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s able to shed a massive amount of light on Mario Contasino. His exact response was as follows:

I am afraid that I know nothing more than you will find in Martin Gilbert, Winston S. Churchill Volume V, 1976, page 421, note 1.

Now Winston S Churchill Volume V 1922 – 1939 isn’t an easy volume to get hold of – there’s a copy available on Amazon, but it’s over seven hundred pounds. So tomorrow, I’ll be taking a trip to London to see what I can find in the British Library. I shall report back next week, but as ever, if you have any information that might help the search for Mario Contasino’s descendents, please send it to me at


2 Responses to “Expert Advice”

  1. Tim said

    There are some interesting bits of research on this at a genealogy blog – check out the comments to the story about Turning Point, posted on 8th Feb:

  2. […] 12, 2008 So my visit to the British Library proved less than fruitful, and shed little new light on the present location […]

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